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Choose your pricing plan

  • Single Session

    Manual Therapy for Sport Injuries, Recovery and Reduced Stiffness
    • Sports & Medical Massage
    • Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Cupping etc.
    • Reduce Chronic Pain, Rehabbing an Injury, Decrease Stiffness
  • 6 Sessions

    Sports Performance Training (Individualized)
    • Strength & Conditioning for Student-Athletes
    • Sports Performance Development
    • Bigger, Faster, Stronger, more Explosive
    • Individualized Programming
    • Reduce Risk of Injuries
  • Single Session

    Exercise Therapy (For those who want to delay or avoid Surgery)
    • Discharged from Physical Therapy? This program is for you!
    • Reduce Risk of Re-Injury
    • Home programs
    • Progress to the next steps in your rehab
    • Must have a Diagnosis summary report
  • Home Exercise Therapy Mobile App

    Every month
    Patients access home exercise programs on their computers or mobile devices
    • Strength Exercises
    • Balance Exercises
    • Core & Mobility Exercise
    • ICE vs HEAT Education
  • Sports Nutrition Planning

    Every month
    Develop Strategy Nutrition
    • In Body Scan (Evaluate Muscle-to-fat Ratio) Every 8 Weeks
    • Develop the Right Eating strategy for sports or occupation
    • Template Guides
    • Sports Nutrition Ebook
  • Online App based Fitness Program

    Every month
    Perfect for beginners wanting to understand how to Structure a Exercise Program
    • Cardio Exercises
    • Core Exercises
    • Weight Training
    • Strength Development
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